here is a brief note on what is here (may dress this up a bit later)

the files are unedited so you have to jump around for each song.

there are two from my apartment in east boston (early 70's).
(the electric-jug_and_blues_band)

Ronnie singing, Rich on bass, me on keyboard

Ronnie and me (about 1974)

local pub (doyles) in jamaica plain with me billy playing drums and I guess
rich on bass. recorder was at a different speed than the player so the whole
thing is a bit faster and higher than it should be.

live at Doyles (late 70's)

the 1974 smorgishboard (early 70's) is some music interspiced with some edited comments,
noises from the landscape work.

this note written jan 2008 (updated on groundhog's day)